recent PROJECTS:

by charlotte ahlin, directed by emily lyon

the hudson guild theatre
441 W 26th St, New York, NY


Circe and Morgan are college roommates, and tonight they're planning something strange. All they need to set their dangerous plan in motion is that final touch: a virgin vessel. Enter Lily, the last virgin on campus...

She’s 23, which you’d immediately glean from seeing this pretty young woman onstage. But you’d never know she was a mere 23 from her new play THE SUMMONING. Charlotte Ahlin knows how to write not only for Circe, the wild ‘n’ wooly character she’s playing herself, but also for her young friend Morgan and HER young friend Lily. Director Emily Lyon certainly knew how to cast it, too with Danielle Cohn as Morgan and Jacque Emord-Netzley, who had the toughest role as Lily. THE SUMMONING is an often funny, often harrowing script that keeps you guessing — even after you think you’ve made a firm decision on what’s really going on. Not so fast — the only firm idea you’ll have is that three actresses, one director and a terrific new playwright really know how to put on a show.”
— Peter Filichia, critic emeritus, The Star-Ledger

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Charlotte Ahlin is a writer, actor, and cartoonist. She's a native New Yorker and a graduate of Oberlin College, with a degree in Creative Writing. Right now, she's writing about books for Bustle, writing plays for no one in particular, and drawing sad cartoons. Please enjoy her artisanal, home-brewed website.